5 Reasons Realtors Need Their Own Websites Discover the Benefits of an Online Business Platform

Dr. Rahul Razdan, CEO Ocoos

04/27/2015 10:47 AM
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Selling homes is just one part of a realtor's job. Real estate agents also juggle responsibilities that include constantly managing sales inventories, scheduling appointments for clients to view properties, and above all, finding new clients while maintaining relationships with current ones.

While it may seem overwhelming, in reality, managing these disparate and time-consuming tasks can be simplified with a robust website. An online business platform helps realtors promote themselves and their business, as well as manage client interactions and inventory.

Read on to discover five major reasons why realtors need their own websites.  

  1. Build Awareness and Attract New Clients

Many clients find realtors while searching online for property listings. This means it is critical you have a professional-looking website that is also optimized for mobile devices.

Because your website is a showcase for yourself and your services, it should feature well-written, SEO-friendly text, and attention-grabbing, high-quality photographs. Keeping the site optimized for search engines is key, though it's now equally important to also have a site that is mobile-optimized because a majority of people search the web from their mobile devices.

2)  Engage Your Client Base Using CRM and Contact Management

Hopefully, your business has helped you accumulate a hefty number of clients. If it has, you'll need to manage their information. A website with contact management tools lets you collect valuable client information, such as names, phone numbers, and email addresses, so you can stay in touch with clients.

The next step is to employ customer relationship management (CRM) tools, which track interactions with your clients, monitor growth and sales, and determine which of your services are the most popular. This wealth of knowledge lets you develop and send relevant marketing campaigns to your client base, generating leads and sales.

3) Manage Inventory and Integrate With MLS

Staying on top of your sales inventory can be an unwieldy task, but having a website that allows realtors to manage their inventory helps relieve some of that burden. Inventory management helps you keep track of inquiries, views, website visits, and more.

One of the most important tools in a realtor's pocket is the MLS. This listing of properties is the lifeblood of many realtors. Your website should allow you to integrate the MLS so it's easily accessible.

4) Appointment Scheduling With Reminders & Digital Signatures of Contracts

Keeping a little black book bursting with appointments was never the best way to keep track of your schedule. A robust website features built-in appointment scheduling tools, which include the ability to send automatic reminders.

Plus, you should be able to offer digital signing of contracts, which can save realtors (and their clients!) time and hassle.

5) Advertising Optimizations and B2B Co-Marketing

If, like many realtors, you've paid for online advertising, you'll want to track your campaign's successes and failures. Your website will offer analytics tools that do just that, which allows you to tweak them as needed.

Additionally, you can streamline your marketing efforts with B2B co-marketing -- a website feature that links promotion between related businesses. For instance, your website might be featured on that of a contractor or plumber and vice versa.

Platform-building tools such as Ocoos Websites for Realtors are designed with realtors in mind and offer all the features and benefits we've discussed above. Ocoos offers agents a cheaper and easier solution than hiring a website developer or using a DIY tool.

Plus, Ocoos websites are set up entirely by a full-service concierge. As a realtor might say, it's a "turnkey" solution. The concierge works in collaboration with the customer, allowing you to give direction and still maintain control of and access to their site. US-based, 24-hour support is always available should questions or concerns arise.  

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