Case Study: Building an Attorney Website for Bullard and Mulkey, P.A. How an Online Business Platform Helps Small Businesses

Dr. Rahul Razdan, CEO Ocoos

10/12/2015 09:55 AM
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The legal firm of Bullard and Mulkey, P.A. is small, two-attorney firm located in Ocala, Florida. The firm offers its clients help in a number of legal matters, including estate planning, Medicaid planning, tax matters, and real estate law.

When the firm decided to create an online presence, it faced the same struggles that many law firms face as they build a website for the first time. Like most firms, one of the Bullard and Mulkey's greatest challenges is finding new clients. The internet is invaluable for helping attract new business, driving awareness, and offering a professional-looking showcase for law firms.

Plus, the attorneys at Bullard and Mulkey wanted to drive client engagement, and offer a number of convenient digital interactions for clients so that they did not need to call the firm for simple tasks such as appointment scheduling.

Ultimately, Bullard and Mulkey chose to create their website using an online business platform from Ocoos Websites for Attorneys. The Ocoos platform addresses the common challenges faced by attorneys with the following features:

1) Mobile-Optimized, Professional Showcase

The Ocoos website has a clean, modern design and uses high-quality images and well-written, SEO-friendly text. This increases the perception of professionality. Because an increasing number of people are accessing the internet from mobile devices, the Ocoos site is optimized across smartphones, iPads, and other devices.

2) Contact Management

Attracting clients is a key concern for all attorneys. Ocoos helps you manage your contacts and clients with contact management tools that allow you to collect and store information including names, addresses, emails, and phone numbers.

3) CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Ocoos's CRM tools allow attorneys to track and analyze your clients' interactions on your website, so you can pinpoint growth and demand, and target your best clients with marketing campaigns or business offers. For example, if your CRM notes certain contacts are visiting a section of the site that is focused on estate planning, you could send them an email offering a discount for an estate planning appointment.

4) Scheduling With Automatic Reminders and Payment Management

Your clients can appreciate having the ability to schedule appointments or contact you at any time with Ocoos's scheduling tool with automatic reminders. Plus, Ocoos offers payment management tools so your clients can pay their bills online.

5) Advertising Optimization & B2B Co-Marketing

If Bullard and Mulkey want to develop online ad campaigns using Google AdWords, for example, Ocoos offers analytics tools to help track the campaign's success or failure. Plus, B2B co-marketing is available, allowing the firm to combine marketing efforts with other local businesses, to help enable referrals.

Not every feature is needed by every firm. That is why Ocoos offers a full-service concierge that will build your attorney website to meet your firm's goals and user needs. Plus 24-hour, US-based customer support is always available.

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