How an Online Business Platform Can Help Doctors Learn how a full-service website can grow your practice

Dr. Rahul Razdan, CEO Ocoos

05/18/2015 11:20 AM
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On the best of days, doctors scramble to complete their endless scroll of tasks. While meeting with and treating patients is of utmost importance, other, seemingly mundane tasks must also be done, including all manner of paperwork. This leaves little, if any, time for doctors to spend growing their practice.

Creating an online business platform is one way doctors can deal with the responsibility of building their client base. A website also alleviates a number of other tasks which take up doctors' valuable time -- and no, these aren't the promises of a snake oil salesman. This is the truth!

Creates a Search Engine-Optimized, Professional Showcase

Most people who are seeking a new physician search online to find their doctor -- even more typical, are people who are searching for their doctor using a mobile device. Having a website that appears without errors across a variety of browsers and mobile devices is critical.

By incorporating SEO-friendly, well-written text and high quality photos, a professionally designed online business platform will appear in search results on search engines like Google. The platform creates a professional, trustworthy appearance.

Helps Manage Contacts and Documents

Doctors ideally keep in contact with their patients, building a relationship between the two. The online business platform incorporates contact management tools that collect data such as names and email addresses from your patients. With this information, you or your administrative team can access your patients at any time.

Plus, many doctors need new patients to fill out documentation. The platform also allows new patients to download and print these documents prior to their first appointment.

Tracks Advertising Campaigns

Many doctors pay for advertising across digital channels, such as Google AdWords, in the hopes that their efforts will attract new patients to their practice. In reality, not every advertising campaign works. A platform offers the ability to analyze advertising campaigns, tracking their success. This allows doctors to adjust them if they are less than successful.

Offers Appointment Scheduling With Reminders

A patient can't possibly see their doctor without an appointment. That said, having an online business platform with an appointment scheduling tool frees your front desk staff from spending time fielding appointment calls. Plus, an appointment scheduling tool that sends automatic reminders to your patients helps eliminate missed appointments.

Integrates EHR Software and Payment Management

Doctors deal with an overwhelming amount of patient information. An online business platform integrates electronic health record (EHR) software, and allowing you to seamlessly manage that knowledge. Plus, the platform has the ability to accept payments, which makes the process more convenient for both doctors and their patients.

Doctors can create a robust online business platform that incorporates all the features outlined above and more -- without lifting a finger. An online platform builder like Ocoos Websites for Doctors creates websites that are specifically geared toward physicians.

After working one-on-one with the doctor, Ocoos's full-service concierge will build and launch a platform that meets their unique needs. After the site is launched, the doctor and his staff will have access to the platform to make updates or changes as needed. Moreover, Ocoos offers 24-hour, U.S.-based support if questions or issues arise.

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