Why Attorneys Need an Online Business Platform Grow your practice with a robust website

Dr. Rahul Razdan, CEO Ocoos

06/15/2015 11:47 AM
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The day-to-day life of an attorney is filled with innumerable tasks. A packed schedule rarely leaves time for marketing yourself or seeking ways to attract new clients. While these can be time-consuming -- and even expensive -- tasks, having an online business platform is an affordable solution that helps you juggle them with ease.

If you're wondering whether launching a website is the answer, we've outlined the major reasons why attorneys need an online business platform.

A Professional, Mobile-Optimized Showcase Attracts Clients

Most people in need of an attorney will either find one through word of mouth, or search the internet. This means that the first impression you offer a potential client is through your website. With that in mind, it's critical your website look professional and trustworthy. It should be well-designed, with well-written and SEO-friendly text, and feature quality images.

A majority of people search the web using mobile devices, which means your site should also be optimized for mobile, so that it can be easily viewed, without errors, from mobile phones or tablets.

Keeps Contacts Organized

An online business platform incorporates contact management tools, so that you will have access to client information such as names, phone numbers, and email addresses. This information is easily stored, and quickly accessible should you want to reach out to current clients.

Offers Customer Relationship Management Tools

Building relationships with current clients might not be a priority -- but it should be. Customer relationship management (CRM) tools help you track and analyze client interactions on your website, and allow you to target specific clients with marketing campaigns and special offers. You'll be able to develop and maintain better relationships with your clients without spending a good deal of time doing so.

Clients Can Schedule Their Own Appointments and Pay Bills Online

You won't have to rely on an office staff -- or yourself -- to manage appointments with clients. An online business platform incorporates an appointment scheduler into the website, which conveniently allows clients to schedule their own appointments. Plus, you won't have to track down clients for payment -- your website can offer a variety of payment methods so you can receive your due.

Optimize Your Advertising Efforts

If you've opted into online advertising campaigns, your online business platform can analyze their success (or failure). This allows you to adjust the campaigns as needed.

Launching a robust online business platform doesn't need to be a daunting or expensive job. Online website building tools for attorneys exist, such as Ocoos Websites for Attorneys. Ocoos allows you to work with a full-service concierge who builds your site to your specifications, and incorporates all of the features we've highlighted. You'll still have access to the site to make any changes, additions, or edits you'd like. Plus, 24-hour, US-based support is always available.

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