Why Doctors Need an Online Business Platform How a robust website can grow your practice

Dr. Rahul Razdan, CEO Ocoos

06/28/2015 17:45 PM
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You're like most doctors if you find you're spending all your time keeping your patients healthy, while not taking the time to properly care for growing your medical practice. While your patients are your priority, and it's not uncommon to leave your business by the wayside, it can also be damaging to future growth.

An online business platform can do much of this work for you, by helping attract new patients, and bringing you increased revenue with little to no work on your part. We've outlined the top reasons doctors need a robust website.

Attract Patients With a Mobile-Optimized, Professional Showcase

A majority of people research doctors on the internet, and your website could offer them their first impression of you and your medical practice. It's important that your website build their trust by appearing professional, with a clean design, quality photos, and well-written, SEO-friendly text. Plus because more and more people use their mobile devices to access the web, your site should be optimized to appear on mobile devices without error. You site allows you -- and your business -- to be discovered by new clients.

Integrates EHR Software and Payment Management

Your online business platform continues working for you by incorporating electronic health record (EHR) software and a payment management system. The software allows you to more seamlessly manage patient information while the payment management system insures that you are paid on time.

Helps You Manage Contacts and Patient Documents

While many doctors think of their website as a mere showcase for their services, it can also serve a much greater purpose. A robust online business platform incorporates contact management tools so you can keep track of important information like names, dates of birth, phone numbers, and email addresses. Plus, you can offer downloadable health and history forms for patients to fill out on their own, prior to their appointments.

Tracks Your Digital Advertising Campaigns

Some savvy doctors invest in digital ad campaigns through Google AdWords. An online business platform can track and analyze your efforts, allowing you to improve them if needed.

Fewer Missed Appointments

Appointment scheduling tools can be incorporated directly into your website so that patients can book their own appointments, freeing up your office staff's valuable time. Plus, the tool send automatic reminders to patients, resulting in fewer missed or forgotten appointments.

Doctors can launch their online business platform using a service that is designed with their needs in mind, like Ocoos Websites for Doctors. Ocoos's platform incorporates all of the features mentioned above, and even offers the services of a concierge who will build and launch your website for you. After the site is live, you will have access to it to make changes as needed. Finally, if you have questions, Ocoos's 24-hour, US-based support services are available.

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