5 Simple Steps to Optimize Service Providers' Schedules

12/17/2014 17:24 PM
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Service providers face a host of challenges that are foreign to businesses selling products. A major issue these providers encounter is scheduling clients when demand is uncertain. Scheduling issues are even greater pain points for mobile service providers, like plumbers or golf pros, who must manage their time as well as ever-changing travel plans, often without the luxury of appointment software or a schedule template.

Thanks to its patented technology, the Ocoos platform's appointment software and schedule template can help ease some of the unique burden faced by service providers. The method involves using pricing or discounting and works in 4 simple steps:

  1. When providing a service, the business owner offers customers two price options:

    1. The Premium version offers a price for a fixed schedule and location.

    2. The Flexible version offers a Premium price discount based on the customer’s willingness to be flexible with schedule and location within a 24-hour notice period.

  2. Using Ocoos appointment software, customers choose between these two versions based on their preference of time vs cost.

  3. 24 hours prior to the scheduled day of service, the business owners can optimize their schedule for timing and location based on the information from Flexible customers.

  4. After setting the schedule, owners confirm it using the Ocoos schedule template system.

  5. The day's schedules, approvals, and payment collection are all handled by the Ocoos appointment software platform.

Let's look at a practical example:

A golf pro finds it inefficient to have large amounts of dead time in her schedule, or to travel among distant golf courses to meet different clients. Using the above scheduling method, the golf pro can identify two types of customers:

  1. Premium: These could be busy executives without flexibility in their schedule, who are willing to pay more for certainty in time and location.

  2. Flexible: These might be retirees who value a cost discount more than a specific time or location.

This pricing and scheduling process creates a win-win-win situation.  The Premium customer gets certainty in schedule and is willing to pay for this certainty. The Flexible customer gets a price discount when they do not need the certainty in schedule. Finally, the business owner -- that's you! -- benefits by capturing the value of Premium pricing as Flexible customers help manage and balance the workload.

The best part? The juggling of schedules and payment is handled by Ocoos.  

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