What do you do when you are going to be on CNN and don't have a website to capture the traffic ? Call Ocoos !

Rahul Razdan

10/22/2014 03:39 AM
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Lee & Beth Jordan assist people in transforming their bodies, minds and lives through unique programs and personal one to one coaching & training delivered live online or in person.
Their fantastic story and successes became known to CNN, and CNN was in the process of doing an article on their story. Unfortunately,  they did not have a webpresense to take advantage of the exposure.  
"We had met Lee and Beth at the ACE Trade Show(American Council on Exercise http://www.acefitness.org), and were glad to help them pull together a solution.  It is not unusual for us to get requests with very tight timelines. In fact, we had a very similar situation happen with a recent concert promoter for a Willie Nelson Concert (http://bit.ly/1eEFaK4)" said Richard Feehan the Director of Sales and Marketing for Ocoos. 
"Within 24-hours we had reviewed and closed on a website (www.fullestliving.com), and by the time the CNN article hit the internet (www.cnn.com/2014/02/17/health/weight-loss-lee-jordan/ ), we were ready. On the first day of the article, we got over 2500 unique visitors to our website. All-in-all the experience of working with Ocoos was delightful,"  said Lee Jorden




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