Hello, Do You Have a Business Dream?

Posted at 5:27 pm on 05/09/2014 by Dominic Orsini

Hello, Do You Have a Business Dream?

In or out of a tough economy you need your startup to work. SEEfunds by Monocle will help you test your business dream before you go to the banker or the investor. It's your dream. Let Monocle streamline the financial portion of your business plan. It's expert guidance for the startup entrepreneur. Monocle is a simple application that helps you create and understand the financial information involved in starting a new business. From rent to labor costs to revenue projections,

Monocle helps you gather the information you need to realistically answer your biggest question: Can this business succeed?

FEE $65
Available Online ANYTIME!

Welcome to SEEfunds™ by Monocle, The Web based application designed with the startup entrepreneur in mind! Click here…

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