Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Posted at 5:23 pm on 05/09/2014 by Dominic Orsini

Introduction to Entrepreneurship

The big plan, Your business plan, your business idea, your dream

Next class is  scheduled start June 12, 2014.   

Virtual classes available call for schedules:

Thu., 6 pm—8 pm
Instructor: Dominic Orsini
SF-CIED 530 W. University Ave., Rm. DB-120

BUS0942.CT4 Introduction
Jun. 12 Session 1 - $30

BUS0975.BT5 Concept Kickstart
Jun. 26 Session 2 - $30

BUS0976.BT6 Business Basics
Jul. 10 Session 3 - $30

BUS0937.BT7 Market Analysis
Jul. 24 Session 4 - $30

BUS0936.BT8 Marketing Strategies
Aug. 14 Session 5 - $30

BUS0951.0T4 Basic Numbers Part I
Aug. 28 Session 6 - $30


You can develop your business plan with SEEgrowth™ all at once.  I understand, you want a hybrid training approach --- a combination of street learning and school training.  This new approach is great, but never mind, you need the formal plan.   You’ve been asked for it by somebody who might invest, or a bank loan manager, or a boss.  Maybe you’re doing it for a business school class.  I call these business plan events. When you need to old-fashioned full document, so be it; there’s a business need, so let’s get it done --- Let’s call this program livePlan™  another training and learning program offered by SEEgrowth™.   


We’ll get there with LivePlan™.  You can jump and start writing things down, using our program.  I’d rather have you develop your core plan first, then get the essentials, including the who, what, when, how much, the sales forecast, and the burn rate --- the amount of money that flow out of the business each month, but that’s up to you. You want to start, run and grow your business, maybe we can help.   Get started and get going with SEEgrowth™.


About this course…

This course, currently being taught at colleges and universities around the country, could be subtitled Introduction to Entrepreneurship. Designed for entrepreneurs who are either starting a new business or growing an existing one, this course will take students through the process of conceiving, creating, managing, and growing their own business. The course covers the key elements to starting and running a successful business. The goal is to provide a solid background with practical application of important concepts for anybody starting or running a business, regardless of educational background.

Finance, accounting, marketing and management issues will be addressed from an entrepreneurial perspective. The course relies on classroom discussion, participation, guest speakers, basic case analysis, and the creation of a business plan based on each student’s specific area of interest.

Each session includes objectives, readings, and online resources. Coursework includes seven assignments. The first six are all components of the seventh, the business plan.

You need to complete a business plan, I understand, you want a hybrid training approach --- a combination of street learning and school training. 

Next class is  scheduled start June 12, 2014.

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