S20SF Day Paddles

St Lucie River - South Fork

All maps are printable in an 8.5 X 11" format. To print out maps in full size, please download them first to your computer before printing. For more information on mentioned boat ramps and paddle launches, please see Launch Sites and click on the icons for additional details.

Area OverviewArea Map
Charlie Leighton LoopPaddle MapInfo Sheet
Halpatiokee Park PaddlePaddle MapInfo Sheet
Lost River Trail NorthPaddle MapInfo Sheet
Lost River Trail SouthPaddle MapInfo Sheet
Pendarvis Cove PaddlePaddle MapInfo Sheet
South Fork PaddlePaddle MapInfo Sheet
Documents Attached to S20SF Day Paddles:
Charlie Leighton
Lost River North
Lost River South
Pendarvis Cove
South Fork