About Us: Fullest Living

Lee Jordan

ACE Personal Trainer and Health Coach

Jacksonville Beach, FL

After spending much of his life at a healthy weight, Lee Jordan began steadily gaining weight in his 20s. He reached a top weight of 450 pounds, and lived what he refers to as a “nightmare of a life.” In addition to a myriad of health conditions, Lee could barely walk and lived tethered to an oxygen tank. After being inspired by his then-friend Beth Jordan, an ACE-certified Personal Trainer, Lee began his journey to health and fitness by walking 30 seconds every morning down the hallway outside of his apartment. Now 275 pounds lighter, Lee is an ACE-certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach specializing in helping people lose 100-300 pounds and rediscover a life of freedom. His “30 Seconds to Victory” program has inspired multiple people all over the country to change their lives.

Beth Jordan

ACE Personal Trainer

Jacksonville Beach, FL

After a successful career in the FBI, Beth decided to turn over a new leaf by helping people change their lives through health and fitness. Her passion began with a tragic accident – a broken back. Instead of surgery, she elected to take a different approach by turning to exercise. Now, Beth runs a boot camp in Jacksonville Beach, Fla., and serves clients through in-home personal training and live video training over the Web. In addition to holding multiple ACE certifications, Beth also holds certifications with BOSU® and TRX®. She uses a variety of equipment to help a wide range of clients, from competitive athletes to people with significant physical limitations that stem from obesity and cancer. Beth works alongside her husband, Lee Jordan, an ACE-certified Health Coach and Personal Trainer.