Astor's Beechwood Mansion - Newport Rhode Island

The Haunted Astor's Beechwood Mansion

The History

Astor's Beechwood Mansion can be described as being the oldest Gilded Era Newport, Rhode Island "Palatial Palace" villa. This 24,000 square foot mansion was one of the Newport's first "summer cottages," that later became the center of social activity for the Newport high society circle of wealthy people who summered in Newport, Rhode Island. The original mansion, that began its existence as an Italianate villa, was built in 1851, by a wealthy merchant, Daniel Parrish, from New York City. hen this beautiful villa burned down in 1855, a replicate mansion was simply rebuilt in its place. Although Andrew Downing, the original architect of the mansion, was killed in a boat fire in 1855, his partner, Calvert Vaux used the same plans to re-construct the villa. The mansion has exchanged many hands since then, with its fair shares of tragedies. 

The Hauntings

No one is really sure who the spirit people are who now reside in Astor's Beechwood Mansion. Not much research has been done. They seem to be playful, with a tendency to tease the living, especially the staff and people who were there every day. Some are annoyed when the living invade their room. Staff, actors and actresses involved with The Beechwood Theatre Company and visitors for years have experienced doors that open after being shut. After closing all the doors to the rooms on the second floor, before going up to her quarters on the third floor, the staff notices that no only is the door they just shut open, but all the doors were open again. Cold spots that have been felt in various parts of the mansion, especially the ballroom. Disembodied voices, have been heard by people. A costume manager for The Beechwood Theatre Company was putting away some costumes in the closet located in Mrs. Astor's dressing room. Right behind her, she heard a loud sigh of disgust from a female spirt, thought to be Mrs. Astor. Entity of a possible unseen male presence - Perhaps John Jacob Astor 1V, or the man electrocuted in the basement. Candles have been blown out by an unseen presence or two, as the air was still with no draft. Foot steps have been heard on the mansion's staircases. A female entity, dressed in a maid's uniform has been seen in various parts of the mansion, dutifully doing her chores. Another apparition was a female entity in a yellow turn-of-the-century ballroom dress - Thought probably to be Caroline Lena Astor, though it could also be Madeleine, as this apparition has been seen on the third floor via the staircase, perhaps to go to her extensive clothes closets. While watching TV in the common living room in the large, third floor apartment, both actors saw in their side vision a woman in a yellow ballroom dress. They thought it was the actress who lived in one of the other rooms, as she owned a period dress of that color. A little later, they realized that it wasn't their roommate when she came back from an outing.  TAPS investigated the propertyin 2008, but could not find conclusive evidence. 

Astor's Beechwood Mansion
596 Bellevue Avenue
Newport, Rhode Island 02840


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