Battery Carriage House Inn - Charleston South Carolina

The Haunted Battery Carriage House Inn

The History

Our history begins on June 7, 1843, when the property where our hotel in Charleston now sits was purchased by Samuel N. Stevens for $4,500. Stevens was a wealthy factor who acted as the commercial agent for plantation owners, lending funds required to plant crops and aiding in the sale of the crops. These East Bay and Battery Park homes in Charleston, SC reflect the prosperity that was prevalent in South Carolina during this era.

The Hauntings

In a historic city that preserves remnants of the past, it seems natural that former inhabitants would still lurk about. In Charleston, you’ll find that spirits are just as much a part of the city as the living. Known as “Charleston’s most haunted inn,” Battery Carriage House Inn is reportedly home to several ghosts. Guests and employees alike have had odd encounters at this inn — many that are eerily similar. 

First reports of activity came in 1992, involving both about the “gentleman ghost” and the headless torso. Now tour guides often mention these Charleston ghost legends in their stories. The gentleman ghost could be a young man whose family owned this house earlier in the century. He was a sensitive and cultivated college student who, for no reason known to anyone, jumped off the roof and killed himself. 

Another of it's infamous ghosts of Charleston is the headless torso is likely a man from the Civil War era. The Battery was an active artillery installation during the siege of Charleston, and all the houses in this area were damaged and abandoned during the four-year bombardment. There is no evidence that the torso intends harm, although their guests have naturally felt threatened. Guests have also experienced light energy and other strange occurrences

The Inn offers amazing "Ghost Packages" for those that dare! 

The Battery Carriage House Inn
20 S. Battery
Charleston, South Carolina 29401



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