​Bobby Mackey's Music World - Wilder Kentucky

​The Haunted Bobby Mackey's Music World

The History

Bobby Mackey's Music World is a nightclub and honky tonk that is currently owned by country singer Bobby Mackey. According to Bobby Mackey, the site was originally used as a slaughterhouse in the early 19th century and later torn down for construction of a roadhouse that took on various names, such as The Brisbane, until he purchased it in 1978.

According to urban legends and modern folklore, the location allegedly houses a "gateway to hell" and is  haunted by spirits including Pearl Bryan, whose corpse was found in a field 2.5 miles from the site in Fort Thomas, Kentucky. Unsubstantiated stories include Bryan's murderers being Satanists who, according to local talk, cursed the location and vowed to haunt everyone involved in prosecuting the case. Also according to urban legend, sometime in the 1930s a pregnant dancer named "Johanna" committed suicide with poison backstage on the catwalk at the Latin Quarter club, which then operated inside the building currently housing Bobby Mackey's. Rumor has it that this deed was carried out after her father murdered her lover Robert Randall, a singer at the club, by hanging him in the dressing room, though investigations have failed to find police reports of this event ever having taken place. Furthermore, scholarly research into property records, newspapers, and court files has failed to substantiate most of the fanciful claims made regarding the sanguine history of the location, and no connection between the site of Bobby Mackey's and the Pearl Bryan murder has ever been established. Most who have studied the Bryan slaying have concluded any claims to either Bryan's death or dismemberment at the Wilder, Kentucky structure are unsupported by a foundation of hard fact, and place these popular accounts into the realm of the tall tale.

The Haunting

Bobby Mackey’s Music World has been featured on the television series, “Ghost Adventures”, and is possibly the most haunted bar in the country. The hole in the floor is said to be a “portal to Hell."   Located at 44 Licking Pike in Wilder, Kentucky, the location is highly publicized as having a colorful history replete with tales of industry, gambling, Prohibition, violence, music, and assorted supernatural mayhem. 

Two of the most popular legends associated with the location feature tragic female figures. The building is said to be haunted by two men who murdered a young pregnant woman, Pearl Bryan, cutting off her head, and depositing the head into one of the onsite drains in what has been described as a Satanic sacrifice. When the old "well" was uncovered decades later by a caretaker, a “portal to hell” was said to have been opened. The caretaker then claimed to be possessed by the freed evil entity. The basement area and the “supernatural vortex” located at the well/drain are promoted as a legendary location of occult activity on the Bobby Mackey website and is part of a paranormal-themed tour of the site.

The basement is also the location of former dressing rooms for performers of the upstairs club. The story of Johanna, who is described as a club dancer from the 1940s, is that she fell in love with a man whom her father, a mobster, did not approve. Her plight was recorded in a mysterious diary also found by the same caretaker who discovered the covered well. Her suitor was taken out by the mob and she poisoned herself in the dressing room soon after. A final love poem is penned on the wall. Neither story stands up to scrutiny in relation to the current building and its well publicized haunted history.

Bobby Mackey's Music World
44 Licking Pike
Wilder, KY 41071

(859) 431-5588

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