Henry Leddel's Gravestone - Mendham New Jersey

The Haunted Henry Leddel's gravestone in Hilltop Cemetery at Hilltop Church

The History...

Cemeteries and mausoleums are morbid enough, but the state's most gruesome gravestone is in a league of its own. The 23-year-old suffered Leddel from "the most acute pain'' from an unknown disease for three days.  According to his gravestone, "In memory of Henry Leddel, Son of Doc William Leddel. Having ednured with fortitude the most acute pain for three days he with becoming conposure desired & accende Prayer - After which with faltring voice he affectionally delivered into his father's care his loving wife and infant Daughter.
He died in the utmost agony of an Iliac Passion vomitting black Choler and Excrements on the 30th of January 1799 in the 23d year of his age."

Reference: "Cemetery Inscriptions" by Helen M Wright published 1952 and available in the Hilltop Presbyterian Church Office

The Hauntings...

There is no reported haunting recorded, but the gravesite's morbid appearance should spark interest in exploring one of the "creepiest places in New Jersey". Be the first to document an experience here. We'll be glad to publish it!

Hilltop Cemetery
18 Hilltop Rd
Mendham, NJ 07945

(973) 543-4386

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