​Historic Cary House Hotel - Placerville California

​The Haunted and Historic Cary House Hotel

The History

Echoes from a colorful history linger. In the early days, the Cary House was a regular stop for the stage lines bringing travelers to Placerville and picking up millions of dollars in bullion for transport to the mint in San Francisco. Horace Greeley gave a speech from the beautiful wrought-iron trimmed balcony. The world-renowned Hangtown Fry (oysters and scrambled eggs) was created at the Cary house at the request of a miner who had struck it rich.

During the 1980s and 1990s, the Milton family beautifully restored this important historic landmark for all the enjoy. In 2000, the new owners, the Cary Group, redecorated using subtle colors from the past and adding antiques to enrich and embellish this beautiful old hotel.

The Hauntings

The lobby of the old Cary House Hotel that was originally established in 1857 includes beautiful wood and glass cases with artifacts from over 100 years ago.  Guest registries, a gentleman's top hat, books and other items shown in the photos above can be viewed by tourists visiting Placerville and those who book a hotel room and stay at the historic inn.

Many have reported, including spirit medium Nancy Bradley, the presence of "spirit-energy" there. Bradley explained the spirit of Arnold Wiedman, a horse and wagon operator in the late 1800s, along with his wife. Margaret and a baby once lived in Placerville was in Room 212 at the Cary House Hotel. Bradley pointed to a corner in the room, the place where the bassinet had been and said that Arnold died because of influenza and his wife and child had to live here until her parents sent her money to bring the two of them home. 

There is activity all year round, people seeing figures in upstairs windows, rooms that are unoccupied. Most of the phenomena is reported in the fall and winter, rightly, perhaps due to the rain. They receive many email and letters about strange occurrences at the hotel. Included are more sightings of a woman in a long dress reminiscent of the 1800s and a flapper type from the early 1930s. There are spirit children running and getting in the way. There are voices coming from nowhere, and everywhere, people clashing, yelling, laughing, and fighting.

Historic Cary House Hotel
300 Main Street
Placerville, CA 95667


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