Kuhn Memorial State Hospital - Vicksburg, Mississippi

The Haunted Kuhn Memorial State Hospital

The History...

What begain in 1830 as the Vicksburg Mississippi CIty Hospital,  in response to a smallpox outbreak. It took its place at this location, then a suburban estate with “a substantial house” in 1847. Run by Dr. George K. Birchett, and later his son, grandson, and great-grandson, the hospital served wounded during the Civil War and suffered the deaths of 16 doctors and 6 Catholic Sisters of Mercy during the Yellow Fever of 1878.

The state took over the operation of the hospital in 1871, and the institution was re-named the State Charity Hospital at Vicksburg. Confederate veterans stalked the halls of a specially built annex, constructed in 1901 (burned in a “mysterious fire” in 1918). And to top it off, the University of Mississippi operated its first medical school here in the academic year 1910-11.

In 1954, a former resident of Vicksburg, Lee Kuhn, having long since moved to New York City, died and left his estate of $400,000 to the Vicksburg Charity Hospital. In 1959, the institution opened a large new facility to the rear of the original buildings. The institution was also renamed in honor of Mr. Kuhn. Changes in medicine and mission brought about yet another large building in 1962, this one replacing the antebellum “substantial house” and its 1909 annex with the brick building that greets a visitor today. Probably both the 1959 and the 1962 buildings were designed by Raymond Birchett, Vicksburg architect and great-grandson of the original Dr. Birchett.

By 1989, funding was cut by the state and the hospital closed its doors. 

The Hauntings...

In the early 1990's, new owners secured the buildings with plywood over the doors and windows, but once vandals broke through that the deterioration really began in full. With a building and history as old as this there are most certainly stories of paranormal activity here. Several investigators have recorded EVP's and there are even reports of apparitions. 

Speicifc reports from professional ghost hunters exploring this massive structure include feeling the presence when you walk in the door. Full body apparitions and shadow figures that roam through the halls and come darting at them when you viewed straight on. The usual bangs, bumps and steps can also be heard. K2 Meter hits are very prominent here as well.  Destination America Channel's Ghost Asylum did participated a televised investigation, where a ghost trap was introduced. 

Kuhn Memorial State Hospital
1422 Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard
Vicksburg, MS 39183

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None - Property is abandoned.

None - Property is abandoned. 

Abandoned properties and buildings are everywhere and they can be quite fascinating ... and as likely, dangerous. Some of the buildings are not structurally sound or may have inhabitants that can cause risk (rodents, animals or even homeless persons). Never explore alone. Always use good judgment!  If the building is posted as no trespassing you should gain permission before exploring.

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