Pea Patch Extended Paranormal Investigatio - Rehoboth Beach Delaware

Join the Diamond State Ghost Investigators and park staff for an extended five-hour (including boat travel time) paranormal investigation. Participants will witness and have an opportunity to participate in paranormal investigation through a partnership with Diamond State Ghost Investigators. A concession area will include snacks and beverages, as well as t-shirt and commemorative sale items. Areas to be investigated may include the prisoner barracks, mess hall, officer's kitchen, ordnance room area, officers quarters, prisoner barracks, and west end of Endicott section of fort. The evening starts with an introduction, where participants will be split into teams of approximately 7 each. Each team will then be led by an investigator to the various areas of investigation. At each area an investigator will be present with EMFs, data recorders, and temperature sensors. Participants are welcome to bring portable equipment also as long as it is easily transported by the individual. 

This program is offered by reservation only. All departures are from Delaware City. 

This is a rain or shine program. You will have the option of receiving a refund if your trip is cancelled by the park. The Park will cancel programs if they determine the weather or river conditions are unsafe. In the event of inclement weather do not contact the park office. You will be contacted in advance if the weather becomes unsafe and it is necessary to cancel. Please provide a cell phone number so that you can be contacted in the event of inclement weather.

Smoking is not permitted on the island during the evening programs. Alcohol and pets are not permitted on the island. Participants are not permitted to wander from the assigned group during the evening.

Ticket pick up: please plan to check in 1/2 hour prior to scheduled trip.


Telephone:  302-227-2800