Pennhurst Para Con 2016 Vendor Page

Welcome to the Pennhurst Para Con 2016 Vendor Page


Our automatic system will not be a reliable option this weekend for many reason.  So we will collect points the "semi-old fashion" way.  
  • Our team will make sure that you have sufficient sign in sheets for your attendees requesting points.  
  • The attendee or you can just write in their name and REGISTERED Phone number. This is the number they provided when they signed up. 
  • We will collect these forms and enter them into our database.  
  • The attendees will be designated the correct numbers of points associated with you.  
  • If attendees wish to know what is their running balance, we can provide an estimation at our booth "Haunted Travels"

Some Additional General Event Information and Guidelines:

Vendor Set Up Times:  Sat., June 4   
From: 7AM til 9:30AM.  (Doors open at 10AM)

When you arrive there will be two entrances.  One for vendors and one for attendees. Please proceed directly to the Vendor entrance, where you will find good convenient parking and access to the vendor halls. Please seek out volunteers that will let you know what room and table you are assigned to.

This is not like any other Vendor Hall!  You will be distributed withing a network of room that will entice the attendees to explore and find you! This is part of their hunt and discovery of Pennhurst!   
Show Dates and Times:
Dates:  Sat., June 4 & Sun. June 5, 2016
Hours:  10AM - 6PM

Need help right away the vendor hall experience?
Call Bob Christopher Cell Phone 570-328-4723
Need help with the Vendor Promotion Program and Point Distribution?
Call Maria Schmidt's Cell Phone:  352-322-0883

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