Pick of the Week: - St Augustine Florida

St. Augustine is the oldest continuously inhabited city of European origin in North America. The city was founded in 1565 under Pedro Menedez de Aviles. The purpose of the city was to be a port for the Spanish Treasure fleet prior to sailing back to Spain and to serve as a military outpost protecting the fleet. The area where the city is located was declared sacred by the natives long before the Spanish arrived. 

There seems to be a strong connection to the spirit world in St. Augustine. There is a theory is that the haunted nature of St. Augustine is due to the bloody and deadly history of St. Augustine in combination with its location on top of the electromagnetic fields of the earth. Many also believe that the ghost stories that are told about St. Augustine are a recent fabrication. The fact is that it is only since recent times that people can share a ghost story without being thought of being crazy. Nowadays, people feel at ease with sharing ghostly encounters. More people then ever before are interested in hearing about ghosts and visiting haunted sites. If you are in this group, St. Augustine is a sure pick to travel to and explore! 

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