Presidio La Bahia Fort - Goliad Texas

The Haunted Presidio La Bahia Fort

The History

Originally founded in 1721, The Presidio was the site of several conflicts over the course of the War for Mexican Independence (1810-1821). In 1812, a Mexican force led by Bernardo Gutierrez and August Magee took the fort from the Spanish and held it during the resulting siege. In 1817, when the Presidio was once again under Spanish control, Lieutenant Henry Perry led 50 men against the fort, but failed to take the Presidio before Spanish reinforcements arrived. Finally, in 1821, James Long and his force of 54 civilians captured the fort, and held it for 24 hours before surrendering.

The Presidio – known as Fort Goliad – also played a significant role during the ensuing Texas War for Independence. The Texan forces successfully took Fort Goliad from the Mexicans in 1835, but breakdowns in communication and command left them disjointed and weakened throughout the region. 

The Hauntings

As you can imagine, this site still houses many angry, scared and hurt spirits of soldiers, and their cries of pain can be heard during the night. The two-bedroom apartment along the Presidio’s west wall, next to the newly refurbished Museum, accommodates four persons in one of the most historic – and eerie – lodgings in America. Just how spooky is it?  The Travel Channel will air a one-hour feature this fall on the Presidio, an episode in its series “America’s Most Terrifying Places.”  Paranormal researchers also have stayed overnight with mixed results, and eyewitness accounts of apparitions, both day and night, have been documented.   There is no question, however, that at least 342 Texans who had surrendered to the Mexican Army were massacred just beyond its eight-foot high walls. Under orders from Gen. Lopez de Santa Anna, the Texans’ commanding officer and the wounded from the Battle of Coleto Creek were summarily executed inside the fortress’ Quadrangle.

Other reports have reported seeing apparitions of soldiers here. Other reportings include high, Light Flashes, Light Anomalies, Strange Noises, Constant Footsteps, EVP Audio (Electronic Voice Phenomenon), Doors Opening On Their Own and Feeling of Being Watched

The Presidio Nuestra Señora de Loreto de la Bahía is a National Historic Landmark and is open for tours 9:00am to 4:45pm daily, but closed Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Day and Easter. Nightly stays at The Quarters cost $200.

Presidio La Bahia
217 Loop 71 Highway 183
Goliad, TX 77963


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