Rough Riders Hotel - Medora North Dakota

​The Haunted Rough Riders Hotel

The History

Medora is located in and the county seat of Billings County, North Dakota. It is a very small town of only about 100 people. The community of Medora was founded in 1883 by Marquis de Mores who named the city after his wife Medora von Hoffman. Marquis de Mores built a meat packing plant in Medora where he shipped refrigerated meat to Chicago via the railroad. The Chateau de Mores, another haunted location in Medora was built by this man.

The Rough Riders Hotel was built in 1884 and 1885 by George Fitzgerald. The new hotel was originally named the Metropolitan in anticipation of a population growth that never really happened. In 1903, the name was changed to the Rough Riders Hotel in honor of Theodore Roosevelt’s Rough Riders and their service in the Spanish-American War. Roosevelt was the first US President to visit Medora. The Rough Riders Hotel has been operated by several different families over the years. It functions as both a bar and a restaurant. The Rough Riders Hotel was renovated in 1965 and again in 2009.

The Hauntings

Over the last three decades guests at the hotel have reported encountering the ghost of a young boy on the top floor. Many are awakened by sounds of a child playing in the hallway, but upon further investigation, no child can be found. Disembodied laughter and the sound of toilets flushing is also reported. So far, no historical events have been found to explain this otherworldly presence.

Rough Riders Hotel
301 3rd Avenue
Medora, ND 58645

Visit their WEBSITE

(701) 623-4444



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