​The Haunted Ship - Quincy Massachusetts

The Haunted Ship

Haunted Tours of this mighty ship, the USS Salem, may be available. (Please call prior to making it out there).The USS Salem is the only preserved U.S. navel heavy cruiser. Prior to your ghost adventure, you will receive a brief overview of how the EVP machinery and equipment work, a background of the ship and the history of its ghosts. So whether you’re a professional or a first-timer, you can partake in a hands-on investigation.

The Haunted Ship is a Haunted House at the USS Salem. You will find them to be a scary haunted house attraction. They have actors and monsters to scare their audience, but apparently the ship has a real haunted history.  NOTE:  Reportedly as an attraction, the HAUNTED SHIP has been closed for a bit, but expected to re-open in 2015. Please check their Facebook Page (below) for updates.  

USS Salem's History

Ordered by the US Navy on June 14, 1943, the USS Salem (CA 139) was laid down on July 4, 1945 at the Bethleham Steel Company's Quincy Yard in Quincy, MA and launched on March 25, 1947. USS Salem served a distinguished 10 year career as flagship of the US Sixth Fleet in the Mediterranean and the Second Fleet in the Atlantic. Although Salem never fired her mighty guns in anger, her very presence served as a stimulus for peace during those troubled times that came to be called the Cold War. She served as a Lady of Diplomacy, rather than as a means of exerting brute force. In October of 1994, Salem once again made her way north to her birthplace in Quincy, where she is now the centerpiece of the United States Naval and Shipbuilding Museum. Now "crewed" by a staff of museum professionals and enthusiastic volunteers, she is being restored to her full glory. 

On 14 May, 1995 - 46 years to the day since her original commissioning - Salem was re-commissioned - this time as a member of the Historic Naval Ships Association. She now serves her country once again with her new mission of teaching people of all generations our nation's rich history of shipbuilding and naval duty.

The Haunted Ship
739 Washington St
Quincy, Massachusetts 02169

(617) 479-7900

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