So many haunts, so little time!

Thank you for exploring our Google Interactive Map!  The USA is certainly packed with the most extraordinary haunted places based on our nation's amazing historical passages! Unfortunately, the property you were looking at in our map has not been entered into our database ... yet. 

Yes, our fun interactive map has almost 1,000 properties ready for your explorations! Soon, every one of them will be listed on our website and app! ​ You can almost say, that our Ghostly Google-Map serves as a "waiting room" for spirited locations to (eventually) find a home on our website and app!

Everyday we submit and build new properties onto our website, leveraging the type of haunted site, its fascination level and it's geographical location throughout our great land. Since much research, design and integration is involved, time becomes an important component in this process.  In this spirit, we ask you for your patience. 

In the meanwhile, explore all of the selections that we have already included. If there is a specific property that you request to be placed on the priority list ... send us note. We will listen to you! We would also love to hear about your experiences, photos, audios or even videos. With your permission, we could post and publish them ... while recognizing and crediting your talents. 

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