​St. Albans Sanatorium - Radford Virginia

The Haunted St. Albans Sanatorium

The History

Described by many experienced paranormal teams as the “most active location on the east coast” – a night at St Albans Sanatorium is not for the weak or squeamish! The history of the land that St Albans was built on begins in 1775 with The Draper Meadow Massacre. This murder of five people, including an infant child, set the tone for the darkness that has become the legacy of the imposing complex. The St. Albans Lutheran Boys School was built in 1892, and quickly developed a reputation for being a rough and competitive school where bullying was not only condoned, it was encouraged. Many young men were "lost" during the years the school was active, with quite a few of those deaths ruled to be suicide.

By 1916, the St. Albans Lutheran Boys School had been converted into the St. Albans Sanitarium for the mentally ill. By many standards, St. Albans was a superior hospital for the time period, but that certainly didn't stop many of its patients from dying at the hands of their doctors, professionals who had become notorious for performing experimental treatments on the unstable.By 1945, the hospital had treated 6509 patients, but unfortunately the staff only numbered 48. By the 90s, St. Albans could no longer stay up-to-date, and closed its doors forever.

Even though the hospital has been closed for many, many years, there's still evidence of the bizarre medical practices on every floor. The Hydrotherapy rooms are still intact with their giant, tiled bathtubs, and here and there, rusted gurneys and broken wheelchairs lay strewn about. Many of the offices still have patients' folders, images, personal effects, and some of the rooms still display hand-drawn artwork on the walls, evidence of the people who once unwilling resided there.

The Hauntings

The stories of strange happenings at St. Albans have given the abandoned hospital the tittle of "most haunted location on the east coast." There are so many spirits who are rumored to haunt St. Albans that tour staff have lost count over the years. One of the most famous ghosts is that of a little girl who is said to haunt the underground bowling alley. Many believe she may have been the daughter of one of the patients who died while living at the hospital. Other unexplainable activity includes the sound of disembodied voices, strange shadows darting through the empty halls, and strange signs that investigators believe point to the spirits of the women still trapped in the "suicide room".

"For nearly a decade paranormal groups have investigated St Albans and the reports of full bodied apparitions, shadow figures, levitating objects, disembodied (often threatening) voices and physical contact are just some of the documented occurrences." - St Albans

Private investigations of the building are a bit pricey, starting at $600 for groups who want to spend the night exploring the winding structure. However, public tours are also available from April through September for a much more modest price, and will run you anywhere between $15 to $20.

St. Albans Sanatorium
6248 University Park Drive
Radford, Virginia  24141

(540) 260-3111

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