The Addy Sea Bed and Breakfast - Bethany Beach Delaware

The Haunted Addy Sea Bed and Breakfast

The History

The Addy Sea is a breathtaking Oceanfront Victorian Bed and Breakfast offering exquisite comfort and privacy in an elegant old world setting in Bethany Beach, Delaware. Here you will find yourself in a lovely mansion surrounded with antique furnishings, original tin ceilings, magnificent paintings and original woodwork.

The Addy Sea, steeped in history and legend, is one of Bethany's most famous landmarks. A mere glance at its late-Victorian exterior, clothed in the classic cedar shingles the town's early houses wore and trimmed with lacy gingerbread, brings to mind a bygone era in which visitors came to the beach by steamer and horse-drawn buggy.  John M. Addy, one of Bethany's original settlers, built the Addy Sea for his family in 1902. The Family began renting it to church groups during the Depression. It changed hands in the 70's and the Gravattes who have been welcoming guests for 25 years, continue to operate the Addy Sea as a bed and breakfast inn.

The Haunting

With such a long history, many rumors circulate about ghostly inhabitants and happenings at the inn. Of the 13 rooms, three are said to be haunted, and appear to be traditional. 

Room 1 offers a "shaking bathtub" though debunking has been attempted by looking into it's structure and the plumbing. The bathtub in question is a vintage Victorian clawfoot model, made entirely of copper. It was the personal bathtub of John Addy, the builder in 1902 of The Addy (as well as other Bethany Beach homes of that era).  Adding more interest to this story, "John Addy was a plumbing supplier in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. When he built the Addy Sea, he shipped many (if not all) of the building supplies by rail, barge and wagon to the building site, including this Victorian copper claw-foot bathtub", said (Historian) Henry Hensel, who describe the tub's history. 

It has been reported that the footsteps of Kurty Addy, one of the original owners, can be heard on the roof where he fell from to his death. In Room 6, there are reports of organ music being played. A former handyman, Paul Dulaney, has been reported to be haunting Room 11, where several have reported his apparition. Other reports of hauntings include a ghost that runs through the hallways at night as well as smells of perfume. Mysterious music can also be heard through the hallways. 

The Addy Sea
99 Ocean View Parkway
Bethany Beach, Delaware 19930


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