The Biltmore Mansion - Asheville North Carolina

The Haunted Baltimore Mansion

The History

The Biltmore Estate, located in Asheville, was a vacation home for George Washington Vanderbilt, one of the heirs to the Vanderbilt industrial fortune. George Vanderbilt spent a significant part of that inheritance constructing the estate, including building out a private railway line to bring his family and guests to the estate. George Vanderbilt was an avid collector of books, art, and artifacts. He and his wife Edith used Biltmore to host lavish parties and entertain guests over extended stays. Vanderbilt spent a considerable amount of time in his library at Biltmore, pouring over some rare edition or other.

In 1914, George Vanderbilt, the owner, died of appendicitis. Upon his passing, the estate passed through his daughter to his grandsons, and it was they who decided to open the estate to the public. Ever since then, staff and visitors at the Biltmore have reported that the Vanderbilt family still may be at the Biltmore.

Today, the house is the largest privately owned home in America. At the Biltmore House you could sleep in a different room each night and never sleep in the same room twice for an entire year. Now open to the public, the house, the surrounding estate, the winery, and the related attractions make Biltmore one of the biggest tourist attractions in North Carolina. 

The Haunting

George Vanderbilt's ghost is sad to be seen in the library, usually when the skies are dark and there is an oncoming storm. During his life, Vanderbilt actively oversaw the management of the vast estate and would retreat into the library if he was out riding and saw a storm approaching. His ghost may be continuing this habit, and the ghost of his wife may also be continuing to play her part. Edith Vanderbilt was known to personally journey down to the library to remind him it was time to join his guests. Today, many people passing through the library have reported hearing a woman's voice whisper the name "George."

The parties may still be going on as well. There have been reports of the sounds of splashing and laughter coming from the estate's now-empty swimming pool. It may be these supernatural swim parties that Edith Vanderbilt summons her husband to from the library.If the Vanderbilts are indeed continuing their lavish existence into the afterlife, it may be evidence that while you may not be able to take it with you, you also don't necessarily have to leave it all behind.

The Biltmore Estate
One Lodge Street
Asheville, NC 28803


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