The Cashtown Inn - Cashtown Pennsylvania

​The Haunted Cashtown Inn

The History

This solidly built, red brick Cashtown Inn was constructed in 1797 with the purpose of being the first stage coach stop west of Gettysburg which was part of the Chambersburg Turnpike which was brand new way back in 1797!  For its entire existence, the Cashtown Inn has served the traveler and in the 20th, 21st century, people on a holiday, or romantic weekend.

Being only 8.79 miles from the town of Gettysburg meant that this inn was in a strategic spot during the Civil War as well. While it doesn't have a cannon ball or bullets in the wall, historians have stated "that more Confederate soldiers passed through the front door of the Cashtown Inn than any other building north of Richmond." During the time of the Gettysburg campaign of 1863, Confederate General A.P. Hill picked the Cashtown Inn to be his headquarters, moving his 22,000 soldiers into the town and areas around it to camp. It is such a small town, it is hard to imagine where they all stayed. Plus, General Lee met with General Hill here in 1863 as depicted by a renowned Civil War artist, Dale Gallon, who painted a rendition of this meeting. After the three day battle at Gettysburg, the lucky wounded who survived the meatball surgery experience were transferred to this inn, and evacuated from this area, under the direction of General John Imboden.The Cashtown Inn offers 4 rooms, 3 suites, a full restaurant and some ghostly goings-on. Located just 8 miles from the battlegrounds of Gettysburg, Cashtown became an encampment in June/July 1863 when the battle of Gettysburg took place. Steeped in history, the history here may come more alive for some visitors than they would like. 

The Hauntings

An entity of a Confederate soldier has moved into the Cashtown Inn for at least 100 years or more, becoming more active during the summer months. The Battle of Gettysburg happened over a three day period in July. During the last restoration of this inn, this spirit was very active. 

An old picture taken across the street of the Cashtown Inn in 1895, caught the image of this male entity dressed in a confederate uniform, standing on the front porch. This picture was used in the inn's brochure. This same apparition is seen walking around the halls and has been know to appear on occasion in a guest's room, for chuckles.

The living hear his footfalls in the attic and also gets his chuckles by knocking on room 4 in the middle of the night Paranormal phenomena include heavy footsteps, the apparition of a man in an old war uniform, and the smell of cigar smoke. The paranormal activity increases around late June/early July. Room 4 is reported to have the most activity. The TV show "Ghost Hunters" investigated the inn and during the night a camcorder captured a picture frame on a table moving around on its own in the room that Grant stayed in. 

The Cashtown Inn
1325 Old Route 30
Cashtown, PA 17310

(717) 334-9722

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