The LaLaurie Mansion - New Orleans Louisiana

The Haunted LaLaurie Mansion

The History

Mystery, intrigue and frightening tales have surrounded this home since the 1830s. The highly influential French Creole Delphine LaLaurie was a well-respected member of society known to throw lavish parties. The truth was made known when a fire swept through the house revealing Madame LaLaurie’s darker side. Firefighters discovered chained and tortured slaves in a chamber in the home. Though LaLaurie and family fled the country, never to be seen again, these tortured souls are still looking for revenge. 

The Hauntings

A few years ago, the owners of the house were in the midst of remodeling when they found a hasty graveyard hidden in the back of the house beneath the wooden floor. The skeletal remains had been dumped unceremoniously into the ground and when officials investigated, they found the remains to be of fairly recent origins.

They believed that it was Madame Lalaurie’s own private graveyard. She had removed sections of the floor in the house and had hastily buried them to avoid being seen and detected. The discovery of the remains answered one question and unfortunately created another. The mystery of why some of the Lalaurie slaves seemed to just simply disappear was solved at last..... but it does make you wonder just how many victims Madame Lalaurie may have claimed? 

Future owners, rumored to have been plagued by ghosts, each left soon after buying the property. Ghost hunters swear it’s the most haunted house in the French Quarter, but some historians say the tales are not true. Next time you’re in New Orleans, take a haunted tour and pass by mansion to decide for yourself.  

Lalaurie Mansion
1140 Royal Street
New Orleans, LA 70116


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