The Menger Hotel - San Antonio Texas

​The Haunted Menger Hotel

The History

Just twenty-three years after the fall of The Alamo in 1836, German businessman, William A. Menger, opened his luxury hotel right next door on the abandoned site of Texas’s first brewery. With the extraordinary Menger Bar as its centerpiece, the elaborately designed hotel soon became a favorite among Texas titans of industry, commerce and politics. Exorbitant cattle sales and oil deals were sealed over handshakes and shots of rye at the bar. This is also where Teddy Roosevelt recruited his famous Rough Riders cavalry brigade.

Today, after over 150 years of refinements and enhancements, The Menger stands as the oldest continuously operating hotel west of the Mississippi. The hotel is knowned for its exquisite architecture, including a stunning 3-story lobby and a meticulously restored wing adorned with 19th-century Victorian panache, rare antique furniture, and paintings. Stately columns rise from the burnished lobby floor, and antique furnishings, light fixtures, and artwork lend an air of historic luxury. But with this intense historical tales, ghostly remnants remain. The Menger Hotel is considered by many as the most haunted hotel in Texas. 

The Hauntings

Located next to the Alamo, the Rivercenter mall and the River Walk, The Menger Hotel offers many sights for the visitor to enjoy and also offers the possibility of seeing some ghostly sights within the hotel. Many incidents have taken place in the bar. One night a custodian was cleaning the bar area and saw a man in an old fashioned uniform sitting on a bar stool at the end of the bar. The worker tried to leave, but both doors (which had been standing open) were closed and locked. After loud pounding, the night manager came and unlocked the doors. The custodian was understandably unnerved and never returned to work at the hotel again. One night a couple was getting ready to leave the bar at closing time. 

As the husband was off to one side waiting for his wife, a gentleman entered the bar and was walking straight toward the woman. As the woman’s husband approached to intercept the stranger he disappeared before their eyes. In the small hours of the morning many of the waitresses at the hotel have seen a man dressed in a nice suit of the late 19th century style sitting on a bench in the patio area. 

In the original lobby of the hotel a woman has been seen wearing a blue dress and knitting. She has faded from sight upon being approached and spoken to. There are also spirits throughout the less public areas of the hotel. Sallie White was an employee whose husband murdered her. She wanders the hotel corridors, being seen mostly at night. She wears a long gray skirt and a bandana around her head. Most often she is carrying towels as if to deliver them to a guest room. Captain Richard King haunts the King Suite, entering via a doorway that no longer exists. The hotel has 316 guestrooms.

The Menger Hotel
204 Alamo Plaza
San Antonio, TX 78205

(210) 223-4361

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