The Old Talbott Tavern Inn - Bardstown Kentucky

The Haunted  Old Talbott Tavern Inn

The History

The Talbott Tavern has been nationally recognized for its significant place in American History. This tavern has been continuously operated since it was built (except the time necessary to repair fire damage) in the same building and at the same location. Since the late 1700s, the Old Talbott Tavern on Court Square has provided shelter, food and drink to American travelers. It has been a silent witness to a stunning array of historical personages and events right out of the pages of American history.

Figures straight from the history books sought food and shelter here during their travels. As a young boy, Abraham Lincoln and his family stayed here, Daniel Boone and exiled French King Louis Phillipe and his entourage stayed here, even painting murals on the upstairs walls. There are noticeable bullet holes in the now faded paintings where it is legend Jesse James shot them. Other notable guests included Washington Irving, Anton Heinrich, General George Rogers Clark (of the American Revolution) and General  George S. Patton. 

They are the world’s oldest Bourbon Bar. Such figures as T.R. Beam, Jim’s brother, owned and operated the Talbott Tavern at one time. T.R. later sold it to Tom Moore, distiller (now Tom Moore Distillery), who also owned and operated the Talbott Tavern.

The Haunting

The Old Talbott Tavern has always been known for the ghostly stories told by the locals and some guests. The most famous ghostly visitor is supposedly Jesse James. Another is the lady in white. They always appear as apparitions. The other stories include round balls of light (orbs) moving around the room in the middle of the night, or flashes of light without cameras.

More stories include movements of objects without any cause, such as forks and glasses on dining tables moving without anyone touching them, keys disappearing from the front desk and showing up down the hall on the floor later that day. Furniture has been known to start jumping up and down without any reason. Some have seen shadows walk out of dark corners into the light before disappearing.

The sounds that are most heard are music, clocks chiming out during late night hours, doors opening and closing when no one else is in the building , and lots of footsteps all hours of the day. Knocking at doors with no one there when you open to see who is knocking. An old piano that was heard playing by its self, and voices calling out from empty areas.


The Old Talbott Tavern
107 West Stephen Foster
Bardstown, KY 40004

(502) 348-3494

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