The Partridge Inn - Augusta Georgia

The Haunted Partridge Inn

The History

The Partridge Inn, a gracious Summerville landmark, dates from the early 1800s, when it was a two-story residence for the Meigs family from Connecticut.  Around 1900, Morris W. Partridge, a seasonal hotel employee in Augusta who managed the Bon Air Hotel across the street, acquired the property.  Mr. Partridge began offering guest accommodations in the old Meigs house during Augusta’s winter season.  Over the years between 1907 and 1929, he expanded the inn several times.  After the Great Depression, the inn became a year-round commercial hotel and subsequently an apartment house.  The building fell into disrepair after World War II barely escaping demolition in the 1980s.  Local citizens saved the landmark, thus preserving one of the rich historic legacies of Augusta’s “Hill” section.  It continues as a popular hotel and restaurant. 

The Hauntings

If you ever catch yourself in Augusta, say after a long weekend of seeing some beautiful mountains, what better hotel to crash at than a haunted one? The Partridge Inn, in Augusta, is claimed to host a beautiful bride-to-be from the 1800’s.  This sweet young girl, with long brown chestnut hair, walks around the hotel meaninglessly, whining and crying to herself over her fiancés death. Had he not died in a mistaken shooting incident while she was getting ready for the wedding, perhaps she wouldn’t have suffered from a miserable heartbreak. But instead, she is bound between the walls of The Partridge Inn, still wearing her wedding dress, haunting any other brides-to-be (or anyone, really) that comes in her path.If this challenge intrigues you, you’ll be pleased to know that the Partridge Inn is a nice, acclaimed Three Star hotel with affordable rates and room service. If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll have a young brown-headed girl who tends to you during your stay.

The Partridge Inn
2110 Walton Way 
Augusta, Georgia 30904 

LOCAL: (706) 737-8888 

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