​The Walloomsac Inn (Bennington Museum) - Bennington Vermont

The Haunted Walloomsac Inn (The Bennington Museum)

The History

The inn, now a museum, is considered the oldest in the State of Vermont. Because of its prominent location and unkempt appearance, the Walloomsac Inn attracts much public attention as one of the obviously most historic buildings in the picturesque village of Old Bennington. The inn, which served the public as a bed-and-breakfast as recently as about 15 years ago, is a private residence whose owners wish that status to be respected.

Before the inn was built in 1764, the land was first used as a meeting spot before the Battle of Bennington. It was built in 1764 by the first settled minister of Bennington's Old First Church, the Rev. Jedediah Dewey, for his 20-year-old son, Elijah, are exaggerated. Rev. Dewey was the builder in 1763 of the oldest frame house in Bennington, diagonally across the green from the Walloomsac Inn. Some of the famous patriots that stayed at this famous inn included John Stark and Seth Warner whom organized many meetings at the inn. Other guests included Thomas Jefferson, who was serving then as a U.S. Secretary of State. James Madson stayed there in 1791 where he was serving as a U.S. House of Representatives member. 

In 1818 the inn was purchased by the Hicks family, where they proceeded to become wealthy by using the Stagecoach business to attract visitors until 1848. In 1877 President Rutherford B. Hayes enjoyed a stay at the inn.  He was in Bennington to celebrate the centennial of the Battle of Bennington. President Benjamin Harrison held a reception at the Inn in 1891. Harrison was in Benningto to celebrate the centennial of Vermont's admittance to the United States. When Walter Berry became owner of the Inn in 1891, he added the large three story addition to the back of the inn. 

The Hauntings

It's appearance is certainly eerie. It's history is very prominent. Unfortunately we could not find any reports of a formal investigation being held here, since prior to it being part of the Bennington Museum it was a private home. Now, with public tours, perhaps the opportunity is offered to do such. Make sure to speak with 
the staff at the museum before participating in a formal investigation.

The Bennington Museum (Walloomsac Inn)
75 Main Street
Bennington, Vermont 05201

(802) 447-1571

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