Tuck U Inn At Glick Mansion - Atchison Kansas

The Haunted Tuck U Inn At Glick Mansion

The History

The Glick Mansion and grounds came together under one ownership over a period of 39 years. George Glick who was responsible for the construction of the home, moved from Fremont County Ohio to Atchison, Kansas in the spring of 1859 with his wife Lizzie Ryder Glick, son Frederick H. and daughter Jennie. George established a law practice in partnership with the Honorable Judge Alfred G. Otis in Atchison under the firm name "Otis & Glick". The Victorian Mansion was erected after Mr. Glick purchased lots number 6 and 7 in April 1873 for 950.00 and razed the existing structure. His wife Lizzie purchased the northerly adjoining lots 4 and 5 in July 1879, and judging by the purchase price of $1,000 dollars these lots also had a structure on them that was razed. Mr. Glick became active in farming and stock raising in 1874, his 600 acre "Shannon Hill" farm was well known in eastern Kansas. Mr. Glick was elected to the Kansas Legislature in 1862 and served 14 of the next 18 years in that post. Mr. Glick remained active in the political arena and was elected as Governor of Kansas in 1882 serving one term.

The Hauntings

Like the town of Atchison, the most haunted town in Kansas, the inn has some ghosts. Strange sounds can be heard at night. Doors open and close on their own along with footsteps when no one is there.Along with the rest of Atchison, the Glick Mansion is also said to have a ghost of its own rattling around in this century old home. Allegedly, the strange sounds heard in the night are that of a resident benevolent ghost. The sounds of doors being opened and inexplicably closed by unseen forces is a common occurrence, as well as the sounds of footsteps when no one is around.

Tuck U Inn At Glick Mansion
503 N 2nd St
Atchison, KS 66002

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