USA - Wisconsin - Summerwind Mansion Ruins - Land O Lakes Wisconsin

Welcome to our National Ghost Hunting Day's 
World's Largest Ghost Hunt Marathon!

Here we take you to our Friends in Wisconsin USA!

Investigated by:
Fox Valley Ghost Hunters

Originally Live-Streamed on National Ghost Hunting Day, September 30, 2017:

Investigated by...

Fox Valley Ghost Hunters

PLEASE support bringing back this most beautiful and iconic haunted site back! 


Want to hear and see the unbelievable activity that collectively 
occurred during the World's Largest Ghost Hunt?  
Come see it live and meet some of the participants!

The Great WLGH Reveal will be held on October 28th 
at the Haunted Bourbon Paracon in New Orleans!  
Imagine being in this wickedly haunted city on Halloween weekend!  

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