HDG Announces Development of Comfort Suites Dunnellon near Rainbow Springs State Park
Comfort Suites Dunnellon

Navroz and Azim Saju Speaking at the Marion County CEP exCEPtional Mornings Breakfast


About Hotel Development and Management Group
Hotel Development and Management Group (HDG Hotels) is a dynamic and innovative hotel management company with a passion for seamlessly integrating the art of brilliance in the basics and using cutting-edge technologies in order to become the leader in our hotels’ respective markets.
Founded in 2005 in Ocala, Florida – HDG Hotels started with one property, the Howard Johnson Inn of Ocala. In a span of seven years, HDG Hotels built five new hotels and acquired the Quality Inn Kennedy Space Center in Titusville in November 2009, the Quality Inn & Suites Conference Center New Port Richey in Oct 2012 and the Quality Inn Conference Center in Citrus Hills in Nov 2012.  With several hotels in the pipeline, we are currently looking for investors who will partner with us in building or acquiring the property which will become the next leader in its area.
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Built to Last
3psAt HDG Hotels, our philosophy can be summed up by one word which is “sustainable”. The word sustainable has taken on new meaning and importance as it relates to worldwide efforts to sustain our environment. We believe in sustainable as it relates to this concept. This belief has translated to our hotels in terms of an effective preventative maintenance program so that our equipment and machinery is running efficiently. We have also installed exterior LED lighting throughout most of our hotels and are now in the process of doing so in our hotels’ interior lighting.
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HDG HOTELS’ Consistent Execution on the Basics Pay Dividends
Ocala, September 25, 2013: HDG Hotels’ philosophy of brilliance in the basics continues to pay dividends in the third quarter of 2013. Notably, the September 2013 issue of Hotel Management Magazine, which is the leading hospitality news authority since 1875, ranked HDG Hotels as among the 190 Top Hotel Management Companies in the entire Americas.
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Leadership in the New Normal
In a world that is increasingly connected (cell phones, email, texting, social media, twitter, etc.), leadership and relationships are the key ingredients to a successful organization. As we go into the new year, I believe that both are more important than ever in keeping your team engaged and motivated. There are a few common traits that successful leaders share which are applicable to our industry.
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The DNA of a Successful Leader
HDG Hotels Team
Over the past many years, I have had the privilege of knowing some great leaders who have been bold and visionary, starting with our own company’s President, Navroz Saju. Through these leaders and through watching and reading about organizations that have been successful and sustainable, I have developed what I believe to be the DNA of a successful leader. In no particular order of importance, I believe them to be as set forth below.
1. Resilience pays. Every organization that is ambitious will face their fair share of challenges regardless of the character, cash, plan and execution. As the saying goes, life happens and things do not always go as planned. This is when resilience really kicks in. Resilience allows the leader to keep fighting and survive while making adjustments and waiting for the tide to change. Winston Churchill’s quote of “Never, never, never give up” epitomizes this.
2. The ship can only have one captain, and that captain must be rich in character. Every organization must have one respected leader who, in the eyes of their team, has earned the right to lead them. Such a leader will provide direction during uncertainty, and the team will believe, embrace and execute on that direction because of their faith in that leader. This faith comes from the leader’s work ethic and richness of character. It also comes from the leader being comfortable enough in their own skin to be accepting of diversity and their own internal weaknesses while leveraging off of their strengths.
3. Recruiting, developing and taking risks on people. Ronald Reagan once said you can achieve anything in life provided you are willing to give others credit for that achievement. Any sustainably successful organization has other talented individuals who embrace the organization’s culture and leadership. This talent cannot be hired guns, but rather is best developed organically from within the organization and consists of individuals who have been in the organization for a long time. This level of long-tenured talent within the organization allows for a deeper understanding of and belief in an organization’s culture. Lastly, this also means taking risks by entrusting people sometimes beyond your comfort level. A leader must deeply believe in this because relationships will sour and the trust will be challenged, but every leader knows that they cannot achieve success on their own.
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Keynote speech by HDG President and CEO Navroz SajuHDG Hotels Partners’ Summit

Hernando, FL – On August 14, 2013, HDG Hotels hosted a Partners’ Summit. The event was a tremendous success. The attendee list included representatives from Choice Hotels International, Intercontinental Hotels Group and Wyndham worldwide along with local area state congressional representatives and county commissioners.

In his Keynote address, Navroz Saju, HDG President and CEO, discussed the Saju family’s history in the U.S. and the history of HDG hotels through a series of several stories. Notably, in his speech Saju discussed HDG core values and the values needed for HDG to continue to thrive in the new normal.
These values included:
1. 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.
2. Creative and innovative marketing.
3. Win-win partnerships
4. Consistent brilliance in the basics
5. Being a student in of the industry
6. Sustainability matters
7. Mobile media
8. Rapid execution on merit based ideas
9. One degree improvement makes all the difference
HDG continues to be especially appreciative of its many partners and attendees and also is grateful for all of those who attended its Partners’ Summit.