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Gun Shop Dealers. In my search for Truth , Justice, and the American way in finding a excellent Software Program that DOES IT ALL when it comes to running a Gun Shop has ended. I am referring to Gun Shop Software written and sold by Dan Stafford.

It didn't take me long after starting my Gun Shop that keeping all these records demanded by the FFL, State Police, and local government municipalities that I was going to need computed help if I ever was going to keep my records straight. I started like most shops keeping manual acquisition and disposition books and manual record of sales and sales tax. Then my volume grew and since playing with computers myself since the early 80's I created multiple complicated XL spread sheets. This worked for a while until I started doing gun shows, and my volume grew again. Thus started my search for a professional point of sale Gun Shop Software System.

I was all ready using Quicken so I thought Quick Books may handle most of the entries needed...NOT. The more gun shop software programs I researched the more I realized they were all existing systems that were more or less modified and try to make work with the complicated record keeping and tracking of a real gun shop. The prices were ALL OVER THE BOARD. Some were more than $7k and not even in the same league as GS.

So if you are a Gun Shop owner and are looking for a cost effective, POWERFUL, Gun Shop Software System check out Dan's website at www.gunshopsoftware.com You can give him a call he is GREAT to work with. One of the great aspects of this software is Dan can get right on your computer with you remotely to show you just how to access what you want to do with GS Software. His videos on training are outstanding, but his SUPPORT is what WINS HANDS DOWN. When you talk to Dan you are talking to the CREATOR himself.

GunShop Software website www.gunshopsoftware.com

Phone Number 860-659-1572

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Hunters Hut proudly running and supporting GunShop Software.

Regards James C. Petriello Owner

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