SRM 16 Shot Semi Auto Shotgun Bull Pup

SRM Arms is an industry-leading small arms manufacturer, specializing in shotguns and shotgun componentry. SRM is led by a team of small arms design, engineering, and machining specialties with extensive experience in the development of shotguns and other tactical weapons. The SRM team has developed shotguns, weapon componentry and upgrade solutions, which meet the challenges facing hunters, law enforcement officers, and military units and personnel.

As a pioneer in the field of shotgun system upgrades and componentry, SRM has commercialized several products including the Sure Cycle® action system, Terror Chokes, SRM Magazine Upgrades and Extension Tubes. SRM leverages its extensive shotgun development, weapon innovations and component advancements to service shotguns for military and law enforcement units across the country. In 2010, SRM was awarded a research and development contract by the U.S. Marine Corps to fix design and performance problems with their current semi-automatic shotgun system.

The SRM Arms leadership team is excited to introduce the next generation of the tactical shotgun in the Model 1216 shotgun system. SRM’s leadership holds multiple patents, specifically related to the design and performance of the 1216 system.

Visit SRM Performance Products to learn about or purchase the high performance shotgun accessories that have been developed by the SRM team on the road to the introduction of the 1216 technology.

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Item #: 225
Manufacturer: SRM
Manufacturer's Product Number: XXX445269
Condition: New