​Mission Statement & Philosophy

Mission Statement

The Law Offices of Mark D. Shelnutt & Rebecca A. Guthrie. are committed to providing our clients with the most  experienced staff legal service through our zealous and aggressive representation, personal attention, professionalism and diligence.

Our office is a trial practice focusing on Family Law and Criminal Defense. Attorney Shelnutt is a Florida native, educated in Florida and employed in Ocala and Marion County for the entirety of his career. Shelnutt began his legal profession as a Prosecutor with the State Attorney's Office and as our founding attorney, Mark Shelnutt established his private practice here in Ocala 32 years ago.

Our office works diligently to address the immediate needs of our clients, while focusing on the long-term effects of their futures. We strive to communicate the law clearly to our clients; we provide copies of all documents that we receive, and make sure that our clients are well informed of their alternatives and any consequences relative to their ultimate decision.

The goal of our firm is to assist our Family Law clients in reaching a fair and equitable resolution of their conflicts, by offering alternative dispute resolution methods --- such as the practice of collaborative law --- and, when necessary, through our zealous and diligent litigation in court. In either settlement or litigation, our firm will zealously and effectively advocate for our clients.

If you are facing criminal charges, our Attorney's experience as a former Prosecutor with extensive trial experience, is a tremendous advantage to you and your case. We are committed to achieving the best possible outcome whether you are charged with a serious, white-collar crime or a capitol felony.

No other Law Firm within this area has more trial experience. Our Firm is committed to the aggressive, effective, and legal representation of our clients at the highest level.


We are serious about our reputation in our community and we recognize that you become our clients because you are facing life changing situations that require legal services. Whether Family Law or Criminal Law, we want you to be confident that we will focus on your individual facts and circumstances and we know how important it is to provide you our personal and timely attention. We believe in maintaining a positive environment and an upbeat workplace where our clients feel comfortable, welcome and confident in our dedicated attorneys, paralegals and staff. Let our experience and knowledge of the law help you achieve the best possible results.

It is our goals to keep you informed and answer your questions. Our office will counsel, as well as advocate, for your best interests in every situation.