​Dali Museum

Dali Museum
One Dali Blvd St. Petersburg, FL USA 33701

Dali MuseumThe Salvador Dali Museum in St Petersburg, Florida is an homage to the greatest of the surrealist painters. Housing over 1,500 works of the great Spanish artist, the St Petersburg Museum has the most prolific Dali collection outside of Europe.

The building housing this amazing collection is itself a work of art. Built in 2008 and opened to the public in January of 2011, this giant geodesic dome of glass panels, adjacent to the ocean, and surrounded by gardens and marinas, is both beautiful and functional.

The museum consists of several floors; a first floor with auditorium, café and gift shop, and higher floors which host both galleries of Dali’s two-dimensional works and also some of his films and other Avant guard performance pieces. The upper floors were designed such that many of his works can be viewed by natural light, which enters the galleries via numerous skylights.

Some Dali’s masterworks on display at this museum include the Hallucinogenic Toreador, a composite photo of Dali’s wife Gala, which, at a certain distance turns into a portrait of Abraham Lincoln, and The Discovery of America by Christopher Columbus. Works on display span Dali’s entire career, from his teenage years to shortly before his death (1904 to 1989).

Additionally, the Dali Museum brings in many travelling exhibits such as the Titanic Artifact Exhibit. The St Petersburg, Florida Dali Museum hosts many educational programs and art workshops for both children and adults alike.