Now Open: Brownwood Paddock Square - Wildwood Florida

Brownwood Paddock Square
​The Villages of Central Florida is a geographic oddity. Located only 20 miles south of Ocala, Florida, this sprawling development covers parts of three counties and still maintains a distinction as a unique census defined area. In 2008, The Villages were defined as the fastest growing micropolitan area in the United States and in 2012, the financial magazine Forbes ranked The Villages as the fastest growing small town in the United States. Only two years earlier The Villages reported a population of over 50,000 which had grown over 500% in the previous decade. Since then the growth has accelerated. The Villages is poised to grow again as they proceed with their phased development of Brownwood, a Western-themed city center on the outskirts of the city of Wildwood.

The land which has been cleared and is earmarked for Brownwood covers approximately four miles by four miles, judging by the satellite images. The total sixteen square miles are divided up into a retail, downtown section with restaurants, a movie theatre, shopping and the development sales offices, residential areas with home sites, and a square (Paddock Square) in the downtown center which provides continuous entertainment including arena seating, stages for live entertainment, and music pumped over loudspeakers.

For those considering moving to this expansion of The Villages, our hotel is an ideal place to stay while exploring the area. We are only about 3 miles from the development which is located on highway 44 nearby the Florida Turnpike and also Interstate 75.

Our guests can enjoy many features of Brownwood, even if they do not live there. They can visit Paddock Square for live nightly music. They can enjoy eating at City Fire Restaurant or O’Shea’s Pub, located across the street from the entrance to Brownwood. Guests can also visit Barnstorm Movie Theater located in Brownwood which features new releases on eight brand new screens. Shopping is available with boutiques and known brands purchasing storefronts in the new development.

Whatever your reasons for visiting The Villages, Brownwood, or Wildwood, chances are that there is something to entertain you in Paddock Square.