Permissions and Access

Taking part in the Ocoos Concierge service gives an Ocoos representative the ability to access all areas of your business on Ocoos. This includes sales, client, and booking information. The representative will have the ability to make changes and updates to your account and should be thought of as an administrator to your account. You may also give permission to others to manage and edit your account.


The Ocoos concierge service gives you the ability access a representative of to help with the managment of your account. Ocoos is not responsible for creating content, taking photos, creating videos, buying advertising, or any other function that is not directly related to the management of your account. The representative's primary function is to help in the initial account setup and continued support with any issues that the account holder may have using the tools provided by Ocoos.

Typical services provided by Ocoos Concierge are, but not limited to:

  • Assist in Account Creation and Setup
  • Help Create Services (Upload Photos, PDFs, Setup Schedule, etc.)
  • Link Your Social Media
  • Import and Export Your Data
  • Tech Support
  • Ocoos Training

Contacting Ocoos

Ocoos is available by phone and email.
To contact by phone, call (844)-669-3366
To contact by email, please email:


There is an upfront building fee for the Ocoos Concierge service which includes the initial setup of your account. Your account will be setup based on the information you provide in phone calls and email. This information could be things like current website, Facebook pages, flyers, advertisements, logos, etc.

The monthly fee of $35 is for continued support of your account including updates, creation of new services, operational management, etc. There is an additional $10 mothly fee for using PayPal whether you re concierge or not.

Unethical Requests

Ocoos has the right to refuse any request deemed unethical or not in the best interest of Ocoos will not upload copyrighted content or create illegal services. All requests must adhere to the Terms of Use presented during the login and check out process of

Responsibility of Account Holders

It is the responsibility of the account holder to make sure that all content is correct and free of mistakes. Ocoos is not responsible for published mistakes in your account.