Ocoos Launches Flagship Product to Marketplace

Rahul Razdan

10/22/2014 03:45 AM
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Ocoos 1.0:  The next generation platform for small business

Ocala, FL:   Dec 15 , 2013:


After 18 months of development and 6 months in beta, Ocoos announces the release of its flagship internet platform to the marketplace.   The Ocoos platform provides a comprehensive internet solution for small and medium sized businesses, and consists of three major pieces:


  1. Business Homepage:  customer, search, and device optimized webpage

  2. Business Offerings:     ecommerce, scheduling, questionnaire and document tools for building complex offerings.

  3. Business Operations:  dashboard, customers, sales, and security management capability


The platform is offered to the market with both a Do It Yourself (DIY) or We Do It For You (WDIFY) model.  The DIY model pricing is $25/month with one month free trial. The WDIFY model (called Ocoos Concierge) is offered with an one-time cost (starting at $99) and ongoing maintenance cost (starting at $35/month).


The product is highly differentiated in three directions from competitive alternatives:

  1. Single Integrated Solution: Ocoos offers one simple dashboard to manage all the sales/marketing aspects of a small business. The productivity gains from a single management structure are significant.

  2. Technology Insurance:  Ocoos has built its capability such that it can easily optimize for user behaviour, search engine, and new device changes. In this way, Ocoos provides insurance against technology shifts which cause significant incremental cost for the business owner. The latest example of this phenomenon has been the ascendancy of mobile devices.

  3. Services:  The market for splash pages and product galleries is very crowded with companies such as wix, weebly, and shopify. However, the solutions for services are limited because the technological challenge is much more difficult. Ocoos excels at supporting services offerings.


“The Ocoos platform is going to be game changing for small businesses because Ocoos has managed to build a simple intuitive platform for marketing and operations management. A fortune 500 company could easily spend millions of dollars to build and deploy similar capabilities. However, Ocoos has made the platform available at a very affordable price to the small business community.” said Dirk Meyer, Former CEO AMD. Dirk recently agreed to join Ocoos Advisory Board.


“Ocoos is helping small businesses spend more time doing what they love and less time worrying about internet and technology"  Rick Polson - Author of Making a Superstar Company


"Ocoos empowers nonprofits to spend more time doing what they love and less time worrying about the internet and new technology. From managing your website and donations, to connecting with your supporters, let Ocoos do the work."   Barbara Fitos - Community Foundation


“With over 1000 customers through our beta process and the ability to attract world-class executives such as Dirk Meyer (CEO AMD) and Mark Bertolami (President P&G Duracell) on our advisory board, we are feeling very confident about our company at this major product launch,”  said Dr. Rahul Razdan, CEO Ocoos.

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