Case Study: Building a Doctor Website for SIVA M.D. P.A. How an Online Business Platform Can Help Doctors

Dr. Rahul Razdan, CEO Ocoos

10/25/2015 20:54 PM
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Treating illness is only one aspect to the medical practice, SIVA M.D. P.A., in Ocala. Led by Dr. Siva, the practice also strives to impart techniques for prevention on its patients, with the hope that they will lead healthier lifestyles, and increase longevity.

Similar to all doctor's offices, one of the challenges faced by the staff at SIVA MD PA has been attracting new patients to the practice. The staff also faced common struggles such as building awareness of the practice within the local community, and staying engaged with current patients, as well as new ones.

When Dr. Siva and his team decided to create a website, they chose to use Ocoos Websites for Doctors, which offers a wide range of scalable solutions delivered through an online business platform. The Ocoos platform offers physicians a number of features to help their practice grow and thrive:

Mobile-Optimized Professional Showcase

Before a patient even schedules their first appointment at a doctor's office, they are going to research the practice online. Visiting the office's website will likely be their first impression of the practice. Your website should present a professional showcase for your practice. This means that it should be well-designed, and feature high-quality images as well as well-written, SEO-friendly text. Also, because more and more people are searching the web using mobile devices, your website should also be mobile-optimized.

Contact Management and Document Access

As potential patients express interest in your practice, and current patients visit your site, you will want a platform that captures and organizes contact information, including names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses. With this easily accessible information you can stay in touch with new and current patients. Additionally, when new patients visit your site, you will want them to be able to download new patient documents and forms which they can fill out prior to their appointment. It's important your online platform has the ability to feature downloadable documents.

Advertising Optimization

Many physician practices launch online advertising campaigns to drive awareness to their office. Your online platform should offer advertising optimization features that allow you to track and analyze your advertising campaigns. With this feature you can adjust campaigns as needed.

Scheduling With Automatic Reminders

Many patients grow frustrated when they have to call doctors' offices to schedule their appointments, particularly if they need to call when the office is closed. To save your patient's frustration, your website should have the ability to offer online scheduling with automatic reminders. The reminders help eliminate missed or forgotten appointments.

EHR Software Integration and Payment Management

Your office will be able to streamline all of its patient information by integrating Electronic Health Record (EHR) software into its online platform. Plus billing patients and collecting payment is also made easier with a payment management system that incorporates multiple payment options.

While not every physician's office will need all of these features, like SIVA MD PA, offices can start with the online elements that work best for them and scale up as needed. Ocoos's full-service concierge will work with physicians to determine which features work for their offices, and create an online solution that meets those needs.

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