Case Study: Building a Small Business Website for Fox Logistics How an Online Business Platform Helps Small Businesses

Dr. Rahul Razdan, CEO Ocoos

11/15/2015 18:58 PM
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Since 1991, Fox Logistics in Jacksonville, FL has provided third-party logistics to corporations, including enhanced freight and load planning, and transportation management. As a small business, Fox still faces challenges that are common to most small businesses, including building brand awareness and growing their client base.

When Fox decided to update their online presence, they decided to use Ocoos Websites for Small Business. Ocoos creates robust online business platforms that include a number of features that help small businesses succeed.

Professionally Designed, Mobile Optimized Showcase

For certain types of small businesses, their website could serve as the primary showcase for their business. This means it necessary to have a professionally designed website, that also features high quality images and well-written, SEO-optimized text. These features allow your business to be found by search engines like Google, and will help you appear in search results. Additionally, mobile optimization will insure that your website appears across mobile devices without errors.

CRM and Contact Management

Building and maintaining client relationships is key to success for small businesses. Your online business platform can help you succeed in this realm by offering Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools and contact management features. CRM allows you to track and analyze user behavior on your website so you can target your best customers with relevant marketing campaigns. Plus, contact management allows you to store and access contact information so you can easily reach those clients when the time is right.

Integrated E-Commerce Tools

Your small business website should include e-commerce tools that make running a business easier and streamlined. These tools can include the ability to accept a variety of payment methods, create product showcases, offer discount codes, and schedule appointments.

Advertising Optimization

Many small business owners launch online advertising campaigns, and an online business platform by Ocoos allows you to track and analyze these campaigns. When you see your successes and failures you can adjust the campaigns as needed.

B2B Co-Marketing

Small businesses often rely on one another for co-marketing, and the Ocoos online business platform includes the ability to have your website linked to partner sites. This cross linking enables referrals and builds brand awareness.

Still, not every small business owner will need all of the features offered by an Ocoos website. For this reason, Ocoos offers a concierge service that will help you determine your specific goals and then build your website according to those needs.

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