Case Study: Building an Insurance Agent Website for Central Florida Insurance Systems How an Online Business Platform Helps Insurance Agents

Dr. Rahul Razdan, CEO Ocoos

10/25/2015 20:50 PM
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Since 1993, Central Florida Insurance Systems (CFIS) has worked hard to provide Florida's senior residents with the lowest cost medicare supplements. Because the firm is comprised of independent agents, they represent a majority of companies that provide seniors with medicare supplements. It is because of this that they are able to help residents get the lowest possible prices.

Despite its success, CFIS faces the same challenges all insurance agents face: namely, attracting new clients, building brand awareness, and maintaining relationships with current clients.

When CFIS decided it was time to upgrade their online presence, they chose to create a website using Ocoos Websites for Insurance Agents. The Ocoos platform offers insurance agents a wide range of scalable solutions which can help their practice grow and succeed. A few of the key features an Ocoos website offers include:

Professional, Mobile-Optimized Showcase

Your website should create a sense of trustworthiness surrounding your insurance agency. Ocoos's websites offer a professional design, that uses high-quality images and well-written, SEO-friendly text. These features help cement your agency's reputation as a competent group of agents. Also, because an increasing number of people are searching the internet using their mobile devices, it's important that your site be optimized to appear across mobile devices without error.

Integration of Brand-Quoting Engines

Insurance agents and their customers often rely on brand-quoting engines to help them ease the difficulty of sorting through available insurance supplement options and costs. Clients are empowered with this feature at their fingertips, which Ocoos's platform can seamlessly integrate into websites.

CRM and Contact Management

When new clients visit your site, or current clients return to it, it's important to have features that collect and organize their contact information, including names, phone numbers, email addresses, and more. Having this information stored in an organized and easily accessible manner helps agents stay in touch with their clients. Moreover, customer relationship management (CRM) tools allow agents to track and analyze their clients' behavior on the website, so that they can target special deals and marketing campaigns to their best clients.

Appointment Scheduling With Reminders, Digital Signatures of Contracts

Empower your customers by giving them the opportunity to schedule their appointments through your website, regardless of time of day. Plus, the scheduling tool also sends automatic reminders, helping eliminate missed or forgotten appointments, which is a relief for busy agents.

Additionally, the insurance business typically involves signing a lot of contracts. Your platform should also allow for digital signatures of contracts, which is a great convenience for agents and clients alike.

Advertising Optimization and B2B Co-Marketing

Many insurance agents rely on online advertising campaigns to help attract new clients. An Ocoos platform offers advertising optimization tools that allow agents to track their campaigns and analyze their successes or failures. Plus, Ocoos's B2B co-marketing allows related businesses to cross-market on each other's websites, which helps build awareness and generates leads.

Creating an online presence with Ocoos means that agents will also have access to Ocoos's full-service concierge. The concierge will work with agents to help them determine which features would work best on their website, and then create the website for them to meet those needs.

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