Case Study: Creating a Non-Profit Website for Community Foundation How an Online Business Platform Helps Non-Profits

Dr. Rahul Razdan, CEO Ocoos

01/09/2016 13:36 PM
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The Community Foundation of Ocala-Marion County is a non-profit organization dedicated to building community in Florida's Ocala / Marion Counties. The foundations hopes to serve as the centralized portal for philanthropic giving and a unified voice for all local non-profit entities. They do so by fostering community building through charitable giving.

Like so many nonprofits, the Community Foundation was not alone in facing struggles common to so many similar entities. These challenges include finding new donors, maintaining relationships with current or former donors, and building local awareness for their nonprofit.

When the foundation decided to create an online presence, they opted to do so with Ocoos Websites for Non-Profits, an online business platform dedicated to helping non-profits grow and overcome their challenges. The Ocoos websites offer non-profits the following benefits:

1) Build Awareness for the Non-Profit

A well-designed website with SEO-friendly text and high-quality images is likely to be found by search engines like Google, and will help people find your website easily online. The website acts as the front door to a foundation, and offers information about its mission, and also how to donate.

2) Donor Management

Hopefully, your non-profit has already attracted a number of valuable donors. If so, you'll need to manage their information. Your online business platform allows you to collect names, addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers and organizes them in a way that is easy to access. This information gives  non-profits the means to stay in contact with donors, build relationships, and grow donations.

3) Event Marketing

Fundraising events are amongst the most important activities any non-profit organizes. If these are not properly marketed to the public and potential donors, it could wind up being a very costly endeavor. A website can serve as a launchpad for marketing events through email campaigns, and creating special pages on the site that promote the event.

4) Managing Social Media

Staying in contact with your followers on social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is necessary but time-consuming. With an online platform, non-profits will have the tools needed to manage their social media channels, and stay engaged in conversations with donors and the public.

5) Accept Online and Mobile Donations

What's a non-profit without donors? Donations are the lifeblood of every non-profit, and an online business platform allows foundations to accept online and mobile donations, which is important considering an increasing number of people access the internet via mobile devices.

Every non-profit has different needs when it comes to their online business platform. Ocoos's full-ervice concierge works with stakeholders to determine which features address their goals and create a non-profit website that meets their needs.

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