Case Study: Creating a Realtor Website for Galloway Realty, Inc. How an Online Platform Helps Realtors

Dr. Rahul Razdan, CEO Ocoos

11/08/2015 16:46 PM
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For 40 years, Galloway Realty has been serving Marion County, Florida's real estate market. Originally launched as a general real estate company, Galloway began shifting into the realm of commercial real estate and today stands as one of the region's commercial real estate leaders.

Like many real estate firms, Galloway faced a number of challenges, namely how to increase brand awareness and grow their customer base. When the company decided to revamp its online presence, the chose to work with Ocoos Websites for Realtors.

Ocoos offers Galloway and other realtors an online business platform that is chock full of tools and features that can help them address and overcome common struggles.

Creates a Professional Business Showcase

Many businesses looking to purchase commercial real estate begin their search online. This means that your realtor website could offer them their first impression of your business. This means that you website should be professionally designed with high-quality images and well-written text. Also, because more people are using mobile devices to surf the web, it's important that your website be optimized for mobile.

Helps Build and Maintain Client Relationships

Realtors always gain leads through current and former clients. Staying in contact with both is an integral part of business. An online business platform offers contact management tools that let you store and manage contact information, and send marketing emails to targeted client groups using customer relationship management tools (CRM).

Offers MLS Integration and Inventory Management

Keeping track of your real estate inventory can be tricky, and MLS access is a necessity for every realtor. An online business platform allows access to the MLS, and also offers inventory management tools that allow you to keep track of inquiries, visits, and more.

Use Online Appointment Scheduling and Digital Signatures

Fielding calls from prospects that want to book appointments with you can be time-consuming. An online platform offers appointment scheduling tools with automatic reminders. Plus, you can eliminate the need for some in-person meetings by offering the ability to digitally sign contracts.

Optimize Advertising and B2B Co-Marketing

Experienced realtors recognize the value in online advertising, as well as co-marketing with related businesses to gain trust and generate leads. Your online platform offers the ability to track and analyze advertising campaigns, as well as B2B co-marketing tools.

Because not every realtor will need all of the tools offered by the Ocoos platform, Ocoos offers a full-service concierge who will work with you to determine your goals and needs and will build you a website to those specifications.

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