5 Essentials Every Restaurant Website Should Have What your online business platform needs to succeed

Dr. Rahul Razdan, CEO Ocoos

06/08/2015 15:45 PM
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Launching a website for your restaurant is a no-brainer -- every business needs a web presence. But taking that presence to the next level with an online business platform can actually help grow your restaurant's business, attracting new clients and keeping old ones coming back for more.

For your website to have an impact on your business, it's necessary that it incorporate these five elements listed below.

Mobile-Optimized, Professional Showcase

When people use the internet to research where they want to eat, they often stumble upon a restaurant's website before ever paying it a visit in person. This means that your website might actually serve as your restaurant's storefront for potential customers. Just like you wouldn't want a new client to walk into a dirty, poorly decorated interior, you don't want people to land on a webpage that's broken or outdated.

This means that your site should be professionally designed, with well-written, SEO-friendly text, and attention-grabbing images. The site also needs to be optimized to appear in search results on various search engines. Additionally, it should be optimized to appear without error across different browsers, and most of all, on mobile devices. In fact, a growing majority of people access the web using mobile devices like smartphones or tablets.

Online Ordering

Everyone wants convenience at their fingertips. This includes your clientele. Make life easy for customers who would like to place a take-out or delivery order by incorporating an online ordering system on your website.

Contact Management and CRM

Keeping in touch with your customers can seem like a near impossible task for restaurant owners. But it becomes much easier when your website offers contact management tools, which saves information such as clients' names, emails, and addresses.

Customer relationship management (CRM) tools gathers and tracks data showing how certain customers use your website, and what items are of particular interest to them. This allows you to target them with meaningful marketing campaigns via email or direct mail.

Gift Cards and Discount Management

Gift cards have become a popular way to increase sales and attract clients. Your website should offer the ability to purchase gift cards, and use them to pay for food that is purchased using online ordering. Plus, if you offer special deals, your website should have the ability to incorporate discounts during the payment process.

Social Media Management and Advertising Optimization

Restaurants need to keep their finger on the pulse of social media with a strong presence on outlets such as Facebook and Twitter. Incorporating social media management tools into your website helps with these tasks. Additionally, advertising optimization through your website allows you to track online advertising campaigns, adjusting them as needed.

Creating a website that brings you a great ROI can be as easy as connecting with a website building tool like Ocoos Websites for Restaurants. The tool is designed specifically for the creation of restaurant websites. Ocoos offers a full-service concierge which collaborates with restaurant owners, building a website for them that meets their needs. This is a cheaper and easier solution that using DIY tools, or hiring a pricey web developer. Once the site is launched, owners will have access to their site, and can make updates or changes as needed. US-based, 24-hour support is always available.

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