Why Tour Operators Need an Online Business Platform Discover the value of a full-service solution

Dr. Rahul Razdan, CEO Ocoos

03/16/2015 14:54 PM
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Is any business owner ever content with the rate at which their business is growing? Rarely, at best. The same holds true with tour operators, the majority of whom claim that their number one challenge is trying to attract new clients.

Despite being a pervasive challenge, there is a solution which tour operators can employ that will ease their worries: a robust online business platform.

Sure, if you've got a tour business, you most likely have a website. But is your website actually working for you? Is it driving revenue, and increasing sales? If you're using a standard, web page to promote your business online, the answer is likely a resounding, "No."

An online business platform, on the other hand, helps increase your revenue by allowing you to reach new clients, connect with existing ones, and expand your business.

When potential clients land on your website, they should be excited by your tours and the professionalism of your services. To achieve this reaction, the website should feature high-impact, high-quality images front and center, as well as captivating text describing your tour offerings. Not only does a platform allow for this showcase, it is also built to be optimized for SEO, and across different search engines, browsers and devices, like tablets and mobile phones.

Smart tour operators also want to connect with today's social media savvy shoppers through various outlets, and a platform offers tools for managing social media accounts, and include functionality for a blog and newsletter. These additional features increase the power of your SEO, and just as important, build and strengthen relationships with clients. Plus, you'll even be able to integrate positive reviews onto your site from places like TripAdvisor.

Once a client decides to book a tour, the platform offers appointment scheduling tools that include a reminder feature. If your business requires that clients sign a contract before taking a tour, the platform also allows for digital signatures, helping streamline your booking process.

When it comes time to pay for the booking, you can offer your clients an array of reliable payment options that include using discounts or gift cards.

Finally, customer engagement is critical for any business, including tour operators. An online business platform includes CRM tools that capture valuable customer information and leverage B2B co-marketing abilities, as well as quality analytics tools that allow for tracking the success of your engagements and the effectiveness of advertising. 

If you're a tour operator that wants to grow your business, there is a powerful online business platform that specializes in the tour industry, Tour Operator Solutions from Ocoos. This platform includes all of the features we've mentioned, as well as a full-service concierge who will work directly with you and build your website to meet your specifications. Once it's built, you'll have full access to update and manage the site, as well as the ability to use 24-hour, US-based support, should any questions or issues arise.

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